Book Group Week 11: Why is 'No' the Most Important Word for Healing Pain?


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This week we discussed why the word 'No' is one of the most important words for healing chronic pain.

Here is the recording

The episode was based on the following podcast episode, but you don't need to listen to the podcast to join the group. Here it is if you are curious:

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J Lo

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This is a little thing, but it's all about taking baby steps, right? Today, I ordered a mocha. After i left, I realized i did not like the flavor of it. Normally, I would have just accepted it, but today as touched on in this group session, I went back and asked if they could redo it. I learned that what I had asked for was the opposite of what I really wanted (I wanted more choc flavor, but by asking for 2 pumps, they thought I wanted less flavoring since 4 pumps is what they normally put in). They graciously redid my drink and I learned a practical thing about coffee flavoring, but also a life lesson when it comes to not just accepting something I don't like. Here's to more baby steps and learning to say "no"!! Yay me!


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Good for you! Saying no is one of my biggest challenges too! I want to please everyone, especially people I want to like me. I'm getting better at it, but setting boundaries will probably always be something I have to work at.