Book Group Chapter 9: Relapses, Resilience, and Recovery -- discussion of The Way Out by Alan Gordon


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Sadly, we are reaching the last chapter, about Relapses, Resilience, and Recovery. However, after a week off, I will share my recovery story and answer any questions people may have on December 5.

If you have found the book group helpful, we hope you will let us know what you found most helpful in our feedback form:
Your feedback will be very helpful as we work out our plans going forward.

During the meeting, we discussed how hard it can be to learn to be kinder to ourselves. This is key to healing, because our ability to give ourselves corrective experiences hinges on our ability to take care of ourselves. My ability to do this was transformed by three webinars I hosted with Alan Gordon back in 2012 and 2013. Alan's theoretical approach has changed since then, but the psychological insights about taking care of ourselves are just as powerful. If you struggle to take care of yourself and if that pressure may be delaying your healing, give them a listen:
Original webinars with Alan:
Alan's first recovery program: (lots of psychological insight that really resonates)​
They could be a great listen during our week off.

As with previous weeks, we'd love to start a discussion thread below for this chapter. So if you had any questions for Michelle or me, or had any thoughts you'd like to share about the material covered, please post them below. (Click on "Register" and then "Facebook" to log on with Facebook.)

This week's topics and the video recording are below:

First, Michelle will discuss why relapses happen. Then, she will talk about the three stages of relapse: panic, forcing it, and when relapse goes away.​
Then there will be breakout groups where members will be asked to talk about times when they’ve gotten out of pain in the past or have overcome any negative habit. And discuss, if they ever relapsed, what that experience was like, and if they went through those 3 stages. After breakout groups, Forest will lead group members in a large group discussion where members will have a chance to share.​
After group sharing, Michelle will discuss what resilience is and how we build it. Then, Michelle will talk about how pain motivates us and how we continue our practice without needing pain as a motivator​
Then there will be one more breakout group, where group members will be asked to discuss which PRT techniques that have resonated with them most. And how they can incorporate them into their daily lives. Then, Forest will lead group members in a large group discussion where members will have a chance to share their plans.​
Finally, Michelle will do a recap of PRT and offer a reminder that you have ownership of your recovery and the power to heal yourself.​

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