Book Group Chapter 8: Feeling Good -- discussion of The Way Out by Alan Gordon


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Pressing on to chapter 8!

As with previous weeks, we'd love to start a discussion thread below for this chapter. So if you had any questions for Michelle or me, or had any thoughts you'd like to share about the material covered, please post them below. (Click on "Register" and then "Facebook" to log on with Facebook.)

This week's topics and the video recording are below:

First, Michelle will discuss fear and doubt versus positive emotions. Then, she will talk about training your brain to gravitate toward feeling good. Additionally, she will talk about catching the big 3 and replacing those thoughts.​
Then there will be breakout groups where members will be asked to talk about if they notice when fear thoughts come; which fear thoughts they gravitate toward; and the things they could say to themselves to combat those thoughts. After breakout groups, Forest will lead group members in a large group discussion where members will have a chance to share.​
After group sharing, Michelle will discuss how to lean into the positive sensations in your body. Then, Michelle will talk about how to shift away from hypervigilance. Finally, she will talk about embracing what feels good.​
Then there will be one more breakout group, where group members will be asked to discuss what sensations really feel good to them. Then, Forest will lead group members in a large group discussion where members will have a chance to share their thoughts on positive sensations.​
Finally, Michelle will recap the session and talk a little bit about what’s coming up next week—Chapter 9: relapses, resilience, and taking ownership of your recovery.​

More information about the other chapters and the book group can be found at
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I think that leaning into positive sensations is one of the most important concepts to master. It's also my favorite to practice!
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