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Hi, I have a question about a young adult family member who struggles with erythromelalgia and many other mindbody issues (and has for many years). I am a big fan of The Way Out book and have understood TMS psychology for decades. So, this family member has episodes frequently, especially at night, where his hands flush and create extreme discomfort, keeping him up for hours. The skin is red and burning. He has dealt with this since he was a young teen, sometimes with his feet, ears, or face. But the hands are the most miserable for him right now. Has anyone had success with applying the principles to this kind of issue? He has frequent severe headaches and musculoskeletal pain as well. He has a copy of The Way Out book that I bought him, but he has been too busy burning the candle at both ends to be able to read it (multiple jobs and finishing college and other stuff). He intends to get to it someday when he isn't so overwhelmed and burned out. I'm just wondering if the principles in the book would work well for this kind of condition. Thanks :)

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I believe the book would help! Perhaps the audio version would be better for him since he’s short on time,


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Hi Trust, I agree with Rinkey that the audiobook would be terrific. Alan reads it and I think it is super helpful to hear him read it in his own voice.

You might want to share the following recovery story with him:

The person looks like they had a severe case of Erythromelalgia:
My feet are turning red each night and are burning so bad that I’m crying from the pain. I have fans blasting on my feet each night. No one can tell me why I’m having this response in both of my feet (even the one that didn’t have surgery). During my internet searches, I come across a rare condition called Eyrthromelalgia and it sounds exactly like what I’m experiencing. I send all the information to a couple of my doctors and they all agree, it does sound like I have what they call EM.

Erythromelalgia is a rare and devastating disorder that typically affects the skin of the feet or hands, or both, and causes visible redness, intense heat and burning pain. The cause of EM is unknown but in many cases it can be caused by an underlying nerve issues. In my case, the botched surgery was likely what kicked it off. Temperatures of over 70 degrees or even mild activity, including walking can cause the symptoms of redness and burning pain to appear. There is no known cure for EM and each person is different in the types of medication combinations that may help the symptoms.

... and she recovered from her Erythromelalgia:
The pain program finishes up in Feb of 2013 and by April the Erythromelalgia is GONE! 100% gone. I was told less than 1% of people ever see the condition cured, but it was gone. I was doing nothing to treat it somehow and it was just gone. We were certain it was an answer to prayers. You’d think after that, After I prayed and prayed for it to be gone, that I would be content. But I wanted more. I wanted the original feet pain fixed. I still wanted my life back. Don’t get me wrong, I have no words for how happy I was that the EM was gone. I don’t want to gloss over this or minimize it. We were beyond thrilled. I was grateful every single night my feet did not flare up. But, somehow, that wasn’t enough. And maybe it should have been, but I still wanted to be pain-free.

And was evantually able to make some real progress with other symptoms, getting her life back:
So, where am I at now…I’m holding strong at about 90% healed. I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100% and I don’t actively try to achieve that. Being at 90% healed, I’m able to live my life mostly the way I want to. I still experience pain when doing a long day of standing and walking. And this is frustrating for me, but I try to take it in stride and be patient. But this past fall I put myself to the ultimate test and we took our 4 year old to Disney World. We always said if we did Disney I would just have to be in a wheelchair and even with as well as I was doing, we agreed we wouldn’t be upset if I ended up needing one. Well, we did three 10-12 hour days at Disney without a wheelchair. I wasn’t pain-free, but I did it and it was a far cry from me crawling around my house on my hands and knees back in 2012. The crazy thing is, and this will prove how determined TMS is, when I got back from Disney, it was like my brain tried to re-wire the memory.

The entire story is quite powerful and worth a read...