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  1. MlleButtercup

    Recovery MlleButtercup's recovery story- 24 years chronic pain and fibromyalgia

    You are asking a really good question. I weaned off the last of my meds after I started feeling better. It takes time. It’s important to maintain a feeling of safety throughout the process. Honestly, for me, going off meds was scary. So I went really slowly, especially with the opioids. The last...
  2. MlleButtercup

    Welcome to the PRT Recovery Forum!

    Did you see that a new group started yesterday?
  3. MlleButtercup

    Welcome to the PRT Recovery Forum!

    You certainly can. I think that Alan's book is easier to understand and implement. I have and love both books.
  4. MlleButtercup

    Recovery Recovered from 18 years of pain!

    I love your story so much! I would love it if you updated it. I think people would love to know how long you've been recovered and what kinds of successes you are enjoying in your life.
  5. MlleButtercup

    Book Group Chapter 8: Feeling Good -- discussion of The Way Out by Alan Gordon

    I think that leaning into positive sensations is one of the most important concepts to master. It's also my favorite to practice!
  6. MlleButtercup

    Book Group Chapter 2: Pain is a Danger Signal -- discussion of The Way Out by Alan Gordon

    In the book, Alan talks about outcome independence as it relates to somatic tracking, and would probably call what I'm talking about more along the lines of giving up all or nothing thinking. But for me, anytime I practice relinquishing control in area of my life is good preparation for me to...
  7. MlleButtercup

    Book Group Week 11: Why is 'No' the Most Important Word for Healing Pain?

    Good for you! Saying no is one of my biggest challenges too! I want to please everyone, especially people I want to like me. I'm getting better at it, but setting boundaries will probably always be something I have to work at.